• Abhyangam
    for everyone!


  • Shirodhara
    for everyone!

    A specialty treatment
    in Ayurveda


A unique resort that brings in a new dimension for all kinds of tourists with a sprawling stretch of greenery and world class facilities takes birth in Palakkad district in Kerala, India today.

The resort combines a healthy orientation of healing through Ayurvedic & Fitness programs that help you rejuvenate and restore vigor & vitality to your body and life. The resort surrounded by nature, designed to suit one and all, the spacious rooms and infrastructure are allocated to you to administer what Ayurveda has to offer.

Apart from this, witness the best touristic sites around the resort. Choose from the wide range of tourism options we have specially designed for your unforgettable experience. A complementary tour to Isha yoga Centre for all tourists, we have 6 night’s package that includes visit to any 3 destinations of your choice from the plethora of 7 destinations we have on offer.

The resort is located in Velanthavalam, a bordering town between Kerala and Tamil Nadu near Palakkad. It is well connected with both Rail and Air travel. Its an hour’s drive from Palakkad as well as from Coimbatore Airport. Away from the bustling city life it is the ideal place to relax and unwind. The facilities at Ayur Sansara include an exclusive Spa, Amphitheatre, restaurant, Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi, Dedicated Children’s play area and a volleyball court this can only be described as the tag line says, “Its Not Just A Resort – Its An Experience”.